Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Painted Cottage is new to blogging!

Welcome to my shop, The Painted Cottage, located in upstate New York. It is filled to the brim with cottage furniture and collectibles, candles, soaps, lotions, antiques and my very own hand painted treasures. I am an obsessed junker, and I love to paint on all the "junk" I find! My shop is full of whites and pastels and is so comforting during our typical New York winters.(95 inches of snow and counting!) Every spring town in my area have junk pickup, and on those days I travel around looking for stuff! One of my best finds was a pile of old white painted molding, chipped with pink showing through! I almost passed out! I am sure you junkers can relate!!!!

My girlfriend uses the molding for frames she sells in my shop. I love being a shop keeper and creating beautiful items for sale.

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  1. I must admit this is a really unique shop. If you love old stuff and antiques you'll have to stop in. Kelly finds amazing new uses for almost anything and her painted items are a treasure. You may even find glassware or and old book to round out your collection. She often has vintage apparel and one of a kind jewelry. Her shop never looks the same as she is constantly adding new items and has a real knack for displaying all that she has.