Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where has the Summer gone?

Can't believe today is August 5th.  The summer is sure speeding by!  I have been spending many late nights painting, repairing and junking; getting ready for the next 2 weekends.  I have the Washington County Antique Show this weekend, and The Chicks Along the Canal market next! weekend.  And of course, I always wait til the last minute...

This is a piece I am working on for a special order.  The white board is from an old piano.

Another special order piece.  This one will be a sign.  Sorry for the blurry photo!

Another piece I painted for the Washington County Show.

Some recent garage sale finds.  I love old books and mirrors.  And the rosary beads are a very pale green...pretty.
Well, that's all for now.  Lets hope I don't have any misadventures on the way to the show this weekend!  If anyone's stopping by, come see me in building #9, booth 11...

Have a great weekend!     Kelly