Sunday, January 16, 2011

What Does The New Year Hold?

As I was digging thru the many unmarked boxes in my basement(oh, I so need to get organized!)I found this vintage pink! radio.  I immediately plugged it in and it worked!!  What memories I have of a similar radio(not pink) sitting on my Aunt Mary and Uncle Larry's kitchen table, constantly chirping the local news and a variety of big band music!  What wonderful memories I have of them!!!

This year I am going to live more simply, just like my Aunt and Uncle did 40 plus years ago.  I will declutter my home, my car, my booth and my mind.  I will take pleasure in all the little things, never let myself be bored, praise God always and love my family and friends with all my heart and soul.  I will create more and complain less, walk the dog every day and always see the beauty in all my children do, no matter what!  I  will live each day to the fullest!

What will you do this year?

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